Trauma Therapy

'Trauma is not what happened to you. But what happens inside of you as a result of what happened to you' (Dr Gabor Mate).

Most of us experience some degree of trauma in the course of our lives, whether that be due to a one off event, a number of events or a long on-going experience that has resulted, for some, in feeling as though there are holes or cracks in their lives that prevent them from fufilling their fullest potential. Trauma resulting in Post Traumatic Stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the associated symptoms such as - anxiety, depression, burnout, overwhelm and insomnia, to name a few, can create trauma cycles or loops that are extremely difficult to break free from.

Trauma therapy addresses the destabilisation caused by unresolved trauma to break these cycles and bring about a greater sense of connection with self, others and the present moment. First and foremost trauma therapy prioritises safety, stabilisation and psycho-education as a main focus before any trauma memory resolution, if that is what is desired.

The benefits of trauma therapy include; feeling safe again in your mind and body, feeling more grounded and connected, reduced symptoms of ptsd, being less reactive to trauma triggers and acquiring a greater sense of control and mastery over your life and relationships.